by Rant

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released on tape
via Fear of Heights - first press limited to 100


released September 4, 2013

All songs are by Rant
Rant are Benny, Ernie, Pütz & Roman

Guestvocals on "Curse" by Caroline Courbier
Guestvocals on "One more Dance" by Andrew Mcshan

Recorded by Flo at Geheimversteck and Ray at Kultursyndikat in 2013
Mixed and mastered by Jack Shirley at Atomic Garden in 2013



all rights reserved


Rant Trier, Germany

Upcoming shows:

24.04.2014 SAARBRÜCKEN @Kitu Klub w/ Jungbluth, Sickmark
08.05.2014 KÖLN @Privat w/ Anteater
09.05.2014 GIESSEN @AK44 w/ MortMortMort, Unrest, Kumulus, Häshcut
10.05.2014 BERLIN "Miss the stars fest" w/ June Paik, Afterlife Kids, Anteater, Morla
21.05.2014 TBA
07.06.2014 GET IN TOUCH
08.06.2014 GET IN TOUCH
20.06.2014 GET IN TOUCH
21.06.2014 GET IN TOUCH
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Track Name: A Burial Rite
A burial rite under white sheets
from the ruins of our dreams.
So let the devil inside and call him daylight.
Please draw me a map with a silver lining at the end.

This is not my live

Put these rusty nails right beside your bed
and rest your head upon this pile of broken bones.

I am not afraid of falling asleep,
it's waking up, what gives me the creeps.
Track Name: Self-Liberation, Stronger Than Your Nation
As long as I can make my mind,
I will never stand your kind.
I will call you Menschenfeind

Und deine Heimat ist ein Konstrukt

Not my nation and not my land,
not my home and not my friend.

I will teach myself until I found a way to bury you far far away.
I will teach myself until I know enough to fight for what I am,
Self-Liberation is my path.

We owe you nothing,
we only serve ourselves.
Track Name: La Bête Noire
For too long they wrest our lives from us.
For too long they fed up on our needs.
For too long they told their lies to us.
For too long we've been on our knees.

We are the black beast.

And under black stars we sleep.
No comfort in those walls you build.
And under black clouds we dream.
This is what we seek
Track Name: Rot Alive
I'd rather turn this TV off, than my fuckin' head

Never willing, self-fulfilling,
teach us nothing, keep us small.
As long as we are entertained...

Give me boredom and give me lust.
Give me a reason, I feel I must.

A repetition of a repetition,
Keep us small, keep us dumb,
at least we're entertained
while we rot alive.
Track Name: It's A Curse (Word)
I am sick of it,
the way you talk.
You're used to it,
but I am not.

No we never will,
no I never will
use your fuckin' words,
cause it's a curse (fuckin' word)

In this world we define each other with the words we choose,
we define ourselves by the words we use.
Track Name: One More Dance, No More Tomorrow
In the dirt we meet again.
It's common ground for both of us.
No time for digging up some graves,
before we'll be forgotten.

We left our caves and lost ourselves
Became the threat and will collapse
Alive or dead, we may regret.
Und nach uns die Sinnflut

One more dance,
no more tomorrow